Living a Legacy

Barb and Don Courtley, aka Babs and Abraham... After the volleyball tour of Italy referred to in my last post, we boarded a cruise ship in Venice. Cruising, as I mentioned, is our favorite way to see the world. But this particular cruise was especially eagerly anticipated, not just because the temperature of our rooms in Italy never even approached 'comfortable' in the sweltering summer … [Read more...]


I wanted to hurry and get the post off, but I should have waited. We headed out to a small farming community in Italy, about an hour's drive from Venice. We stopped at the town's only restaurant, whose facilities reminded me of what I love about America the most!! Hands Down, it's INDOOR PLUMBING. And not just indoor plumbing, but indoor plumbing with an actual toilet seat! I've never been more … [Read more...]

Land That I Love

We're taking our annual vacation, and this year Becky participated in a volleyball tournament overseas that took us back to Italy. The scheduling couldn't have been more perfect, as we had a previously-booked cruise with my parents that departs from Venice, and the volleyball tour ends in Venice the day before our boat leaves. So we packed up the remaining younger three kids and headed over to … [Read more...]

Mimi and Papa

That’s what you can call us, ever since this sweet little bundle gently wriggled her way into our hearts Monday morning, June 27, 2011: I’m not quite sure what I thought it would feel like to become grandparents for the first time, but the experience has certainly been a joyful one. Kristen and Cooper are temporarily staying with us, so Cooper set up a make-shift nursery in one of the … [Read more...]

Hello and Goodbye

Mike and I came back from the cruise and were able to enjoy a week together before our four kids (plus Matt as a counselor) returned from the summer camp they attend every year. But what a whirlwind week it was, as the NFL Lockout was lifted and the ensuing frenzy that took place before all 32 teams could begin training camp by week's end. Aside from the mayhem, we were given a week together that … [Read more...]