Storms of Life

There's nothing I enjoy more than to wake up early, with no pressing appointments awaiting, and to grab my Bible and sit near a window that allows me to take in the majesty of God's creation. I'm a foliage appreciator...I enjoy the beautiful variety of flowers and trees, and so deeply value the splendor of a summer morning. Recently, I've been reminded of the variety of weather that the Midwest … [Read more...]

A Helping Hand with a Dash of Danger

Jackie and I officially moved to Minnesota after her graduation Memorial Day weekend, and once we landed at MSP airport, we hit the ground running. There was unpacking and organizing to do, the younger kids' last week of school, and a trip to Detroit to take. We planned the timing around Jill and OJ's Windsor Reception ~ OJ is from Windsor, Canada, which happens to be across the bridge or through … [Read more...]