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I had drafted a post that was going to be rather fluffy ~ Royal Weddings, proms, and the like. So, I’ll briefly go there, before I challenge you with a little more depth for your soul.

First, of course, we had the Wedding of the Decade. True Royal weddings are rare enough, so the mere historicity of it would justify my interest. But I will be honest and confess that I set my alarm for 2 a.m. California time so I could take in the sheer beauty of all of it. They are an incredibly handsome couple, the attendees donned dinner jackets and fascinators and all manner of attire that we in America don’t generally wear. And somehow, in my bleary eyed state, because of the endless media coverage, I truly felt a part of the festivities; certainly not as an invited guest, but I felt like I was able to really take it all in and love every middle-of-the-night moment of it.

Prince William back at work after royal wedding

And then, on a microscopic scale in comparison to the Royal event, we celebrated Jackie’s last high school prom. With five daughters, we figured out early that we weren’t going to go to the extremes that many parents do for prom, but the excitement over the dress, hair, and date loom large, just the same. There was no diamond tiara, no horse-drawn carriage, but a stunningly beautiful young girl in a fancy dress with a dapper, tuxedoed man by her side, none-the-less.

But the news of Osama bin Laden’s death has trumped both fairy tale events.

History truly is in the making as America, in a ‘we will not forget’ stand, has accomplished a military mission of epic proportions in the capture and destruction of alQaeda’s leader. But here is my challenge….and it requires some thought:

One of the disturbing after effects of the demise of bin Laden is the elation of the American people. I am thrilled that such an evil presence is no longer on this earth. Absolutely. And I am also elated for the American troops and the victory that they are able to enjoy. But at a human level, at a Christian level, I am challenged to think about him as another human being. And, like it or not, a human being that Jesus died for, as He did for me. All indications are, acccording to the life that Osama lived, that he will spend the rest of eternity rotting in hell. God is a just God, and Osama will have a long time to reap some of the evil that he has sown on this earth. But, God is quite clear in His love for all of us, and His desire for us to love in return. In fact, He has said that ‘others will know His followers by our love.’ I challenge you to check your heart and guard it against delighting in the fact that any human being will rot in hell. It’s a tall order, I admit. But if we’re to truly reflect God’s love, we can start here. God is a just God, and justice has been served. All that Osama bin Laden is responsible for on this earth is now between he and God Almighty. For me…I must stop short of celebrating Osama’s eternal home in hell, but I am quite happy that he no longer reigns in terror on this earth.


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