It’s Spring Somewhere

After a week of balmy 50-degree days, yesterday’s rain and dreary drizzle gave way to evening reports of a ‘chance of flurries’ for today. And this is what awaited us when the blinds went up this morning:

I figure God was busy all night long preparing this little springtime surprise for us. I grew up in Michigan, and spent 20 years in Chicago, so I’m not at all naive to the fact that the month of March is completely capable of mustering up a wonderland of snow and ice while the daffodils and tulips are just about to break the earth’s surface. But I can’t help but laugh to myself about the fact that I still own a house in Northern California — a popular vacation destination — yet for the kids’ spring break we are staying in Minnesota and unpacking boxes by day and relaxing with movies and card games and family time by night, all fun indeed. However, when Matt left the beaches of San Luis Obispo to come and hang with us for his break, I doubt this was what he had in mind: 


Spring isn’t just a date on the calendar, it’s also a state of mind. It’s a time for new life and the rewards of making it through a long, cold winter. We have the power to choose our thoughts and our words, and even though I could recite a list of circumstances that vye for my attention, such as employment for my kids, post high school uncertainties, a home that needs to sell, financial squeezes, instead I must focus on the fact that Spring WILL come. Those tulips WILL burst forth; the doffodils WILL sprout, even if they’re dusted with a little snow. And my wintry circumstances WILL all change for the better….simply because I choose to see the opportunities in them.

Since my kids were little, I’ve taught them of the importance of choosing words and thoughts carefully. I taught them to choose words that bring life, instead of negative and bitter words. I don’t know why it struck me as humorous this morning, almost fun, that I would dig out the winter boots, get the gloves, hat, and the parka, and leash the dogs and head out for a delightful walk in the bright falling snow. I kinda felt like this little guy… he’s fully aware that the snow is covering his perch, but he’s making the best of it:

Spring is here…if only in my mind!


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