Doors and Windows

“When God closes a door, He opens a window.” This popular cliché’ has been tossed around as an attempt to comfort and console one experiencing disappointment. Am I the only one who wishes God would just leave the door open? Why is it necessary to close the door? And if the door is closed, how long before He opens the window? Having the door closed before the window is open can feel stuffy and oppressive.

We recently had a door close in our life, and in the process of waiting until a window is opened, I find myself wrestling with God and His sovereignty. I was quite content with the door being open, and had no desire for it to close. So it’s closed. My thoughts and emotions have ranged from ‘eh. No big deal. Doors close all the time’ to ‘I wonder why that door had to close? What could I have done to keep it open? When is He going to open a window? Which window is He going to open?’

The NFL is bracing for a unique off-season, with the potential to affect the 2011 football season. They are involved in a labor dispute between the owners and the players union, and the NFL as we know it is potentially up for grabs. As it stands now, there will be a lockout beginning March 1. In other words, the doors will be closed. A closed door. Only the NFL’s closed door comes with a little fore-warning, unlike our family’s closed door. But it’s a closed door nonetheless.

So here is my best attempt at how to navigate one’s way through the situation when doors are closed and windows opened against your will:

1: Let go of your will. The Bible says that our steps are ordered by the Lord. Accept that He is in control, and He has a plan. Your acceptance of the closed door will save you energy and time that will be much better served by #2…

2: Let go of bitterness towards anyone that helped close the door. Bitterness will keep you sitting in a stuffy room with no ventilation for much longer than God would like. You simply can’t take bitterness and resentment into your next opportunity (the window that will be opened). Let it go. Ask God to bless all involved and move on.

3: Prepare. Ask God to show you how best to prepare. You may be able to set aside some finances; you may need to get in shape physically; you may need to just enjoy the peace and quiet that the closed door brings. Either way, anticipate the open window. Keep your heart receptive and your eyes up, and God, in His perfect time, will open your window.



  1. seriously, love you! once again, wise words from a wise woman. when He does open the next door for you…can i just sit and look through it with you???

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