Behind the Scenes

It's not quite the top-secret 'Barbara Walters Most Interesting Person of the Year', or the People Magazine Sexiest Man of the Year, but there has been a certain level of buzz and enthusiasm for our annual Christmas card and letter. I think the excitement began several years back when I was still of child-bearing age, and I'm told the readers of our letter would scroll down to the bottom of the … [Read more...]

Giving Back

As we officially begin the holiday season with Thanksgiving this weekend, many of us look for opportunities to help members of our community that are in need. As an organization, the 49ers are incredibly generous, and virtually every Tuesday during the season, many of the players spend their day off at organized events throughout the Bay Area. Today was no exception. The team organized our … [Read more...]

Sacrifices and Rewards

As parents, we rarely think about getting rewarded for the sacrifices we make for our kids. Or, at least, the reward isn't the motivation for the sacrifices we make. For instance, when you spend most of the night cleaning up after, consoling and rocking a toddler with an upset stomach, that moment when they finally fall asleep cuddly and fresh-smelling in your lap makes it all worthwhile. The … [Read more...]


Earlier this week we said goodbye to London, and goodbye to my girlfriends. I'm not sure I can put into words the wonderful time we had. Usually, when five women get together, it would be safe to expect some level of drama, or pouting, or just plain annoyance. But not this time. We must have all been in need of a vacation, because we simply had a spectacular time together. Here are a few more … [Read more...]