When the going gets tough…

…the tough_____________(fill in the blank). So, what do you do when the heat is on in any area of your life? Right now, the heat is on us because the 49ers are now 0-4. We’re an atypical 0-4 team, however, in that we have quite a bit of talent and we have primarily beaten ourselves. Two of our four losses have come in the last 2 seconds of the game, quite literally. Two seconds on the clock. And those losses were to two of the best teams in the league. Again, quite literally. And, although it’s only a game to most, it’s a huge part of our life.

So here’s how I fill in the blank:

1. I pray. I always pray anyway, but I really pray. I used to try and spiff up my prayers and present them to God in a positive and orderly way. But that only led to frustration. Now I feel free to pour my heart out to God in a sometimes tearful, unorganized mess, but the KEY is this: I stay there until I can say, ‘Yet will I trust You.’ I don’t get off my knees until I make a decision to trust God regardless of what things look like around me.

2. I also dig into the Bible. I often head back to the Old Testament where so many of the old Sunday School stories were found. They are stories of God’s faithfulness in seemingly impossible situations. He is, has always been, and will always be, Faithful. With a capital ‘F’.

3. I become purposeful about finding things to be grateful for. And when you start looking for things to be grateful for, watch out! It takes but a moment to recognize that there’s a world much bigger than your current struggle, and there are wonderful blessings all around you.

So, here are my on-purpose gratitude observations for this morning:

My family. I had the opportunity to spend the weekend with my parents and my aunt and uncle. Our older kids stayed with the younger kids, and the house was intact and in order when we came back home. Two of the girls woke up early this morning to have devotions together. Really, now. What more could I ask for?

My husband’s birthday is this week. Sometimes, when the going gets tough, the tough plan a birthday party.

For some reason, many of the young couples on this team are expecting, or just recently gave birth to, new babies. Pregnancy and childbirth are even more all-consuming than football. If you have kids, you can probably think back to those last days of pregnancy, when you’re able to think of absolutely nothing besides the new life you were about to welcome into the world. I remember sitting in a hospital room, post-delivery, holding a newborn in my arms and looking out the window thinking, ‘I bet many of the people driving down the road are full of worries and cares. My life couldn’t be better right now!’ Life goes on, and God is still good.

Here are a few photos from this past weekend…

My Dad and I:

My aunt and uncle:

Some of the 30 friends my parents brought with them to enjoy the game:



  1. Jill says:

    You are the best, mama. See you this weekend(:

  2. Good post. Heart-crushing game. I remain full of hope for the Niners this year.

  3. Lisa says:

    What a wonderful blog you have! I stumbled upon it looking for 49er news! Thank you for sharing your life and your husband with all us fans. You both are truly an inspiration to our youth and you won’t find 2 more loyal 49er fans in upstate New York than my son and I. I look forward to reading your blogs.

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