This Guy…

may be one of the most misunderstood people in all of sports. Probably because you usually see him looking like this:

But I know him best like this:

He’s celebrating a birthday, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to let you in on the lesser-known side of him:

He’s fiercely loyal,

Contagiously optimistic,

A loud clapper,

An excellent dancer…and while we’re at it, has a wonderful singing voice, too.

He has a very high metabolism and eats nothing but healthy (except on his birthday and Thanksgiving),

He is an easy cry,

Incredibly protective of those that he loves,

And is equal parts lion and lamb.

He answers to ‘Mike, Samurai, 50, Coach Sing, or Michael’. He’s been called alot of other names recently, but he doesn’t answer to them.

But mostly, he’s been my best friend and most ardent supporter for about 30 years. He is almost always happy (therein lies the misunderstanding about him) and has no qualms about letting you know that God is first in his life. I couldn’t imagine doing life without him. Happy Birthday, my love.



  1. Teresa Singletary Jones says:

    I Love You Uncle Mike! Happy Birthday!

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