That’s What Friends Are For

Sunday night I left a very dejected 49er team as they boarded a chartered flight to London and headed to Detroit. I picked up the girlfriends that would ultimately join me for an incredible opportunity to enjoy an overseas getaway in the middle of fall.

In life, there are many different kinds of friendships. Not all of the friends that cross our paths are meant to be around forever, but this particular group of girls and I have been friends for 40 YEARS!! I can distinctly remember when my grandparents would say that about friends of theirs, I’d check out of the conversation to do a quick mathematical calculation in my head and try to figure out just exactly how old these people are. Somehow, it added up to practically 100 in my brain. And here I am, feeling very, very young, yet sharing a celebratory week in London with friends that I’ve had for 40 years. At some point in 2010, all of us turned 50, so we thought there would be no better memory maker than to join the 49ers in London.

I recognize that friendships like this are relatively rare, and I must say that I attribute its longevity to the fact that deep down, all of us are basically the same people that we were when we were 10-year-old girls. Life has taken us through twists and turns in directions that span across the country, but we’re all still generally the same. Comfortable. That’s what we are. We’re the macaroni and cheese of friendships.

A couple jolly ol’ chaps outside our hotel:

Cathy, Sandy, Cathy, Cheryl and I in front of a fountain in Hyde Park:

And it wouldn’t be London without the rain, and some bright and cheery umbrellys!

Here’s to another 40 years, girls. We’re all blessed to have each other.



  1. Connie Jacobsen says:

    Hi Kim ~ I am so happy for you to be among truly wonderful friends. I remember Cathy from all the gatherings we shared. She is a sweety! My Grandma used to tell me if I could count on my fingers the amount friends I had, I was overwhelmingly blessed! I see that you are too! :):):):):):)

  2. Sandy Zimmerman says:

    My thoughts exactly! I will never forget the laughter and fun we had during our 50th year getaway. I am blessed with our friendship and am thankful that it has a span of over 4 decades. You are a true friend and an inspiration to me. Thank you again for all that you did for us! <3

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