Doing Battle

Today was a day of battle. We’ve actually been battling for the last 5 weeks on the football field, and coming up dreadfully short. It doesn’t really matter if you lose by 2 points in the last 2 seconds or if you lose by 14 and the game is completely out of hand for a while. Losing hurts. And when losses pile up in any endeavor, it starts to take a toll mentally. So, today we had to overcome a mountain of negative press, negative thoughts, and a bunch of fear and worry. A huge battle indeed. But battle we did!

We also had to battle the elements. Rain in October is rather rare in the Bay area, but it seemed only fitting that the weather would reflect the seriousness of our challenge. During games, I try and look for Mike as often as possible on the sideline, but in bad weather the coaches all have the same rain gear on. Thankfully, he was easy to spot by his special edition pink-soled Reebok zigzags:

It was the 49ers’ Breast Cancer Awareness game that the NFL is honoring throughout the month of October. I personally love all of the flashes of pink throughout the stadium. Some of the players had pink shoes and pink wristbands and gloves. Our cheerleaders set the red and gold gear aside and wore pink…

Even the security personnel wore pink…

But the greatest battle on the field today was represented by women donning pink shirts and accessories whose lives were threatened by breast cancer. They battled for their very lives and WON!

So, it was a day of victory all around. Our opponent? The Oakland Raiders. Remember my post in August when I said we’d have the real Battle of the Bay later in the season? Well, it was today. We won the Battle of the Bay for the regular season; we battled through the elements and didn’t turn the ball over one time; and I was proud to salute hundreds of women whose lives were forever altered by their strength and resolve to battle breast cancer. Sweet victory.



  1. Lisa Van Vorce says:

    I bet its a happy day in the Singletary home!! Great game!

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