Are you ready…??

Can you hear Hank Williams, Jr. singing? “Are you ready for some football?” Well, for us, it’s time for football. Training camp festivities officially begin this weekend, so the season is upon us. Since we’ve been a part of this profession for so many years, I ought to be used to the fact that summer is over at the end of July, but for some reason there’s always a tinge of sadness mixed with the excitement that a new football season brings. We’re sad that Mike will have so much less time in the week to spend with us, but we’re excited about the possibilities that await the 2010 49ers.

But before the team is formed, there’s training camp. Ask a football player what their least favorite part of football is, and probably 98% of them will respond, “training camp.” It’s hot and sweaty, rigorous and exhausting, and every drill and practice is designed to weed out those players that won’t ‘make the team.’

Ask a coach what his least favorite part of football is, and 98% of them would respond, “cutting a player.”

Thank goodness God doesn’t make cuts on His team. Instead, He lovingly encourages us to be our best, so that we can enjoy the exciting life He has planned for us. Even though I’m not facing cuts at the end of this training camp season, I try to take stock of myself and my attitudes and actions during this time. Have I gotten a little lazy in certain areas? Am I holding any bitterness or resentment towards anyone? How’s my peace? Am I fretting and worrying?

How about instilling your own personal training camp, where you come away as just a tad bit better representation of all that God has for you. Then, every time you hear Hank Williams sing, “Are you ready for some football?”, you’ll know you made God’s team just a little bit more of a contender.



  1. nicole w says:

    Amazing words from an amazing Christian! Thank you for your kind words… may God bless each and every player & keep them safe! AMEN!

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