Going Green

One of the most enjoyable aspects of living in California is the beauty of it.  We live in northern California, where we’re surrounded by mountains and valleys, palm trees and evergreens and redwoods, the ocean and the bay, and beautiful flowers and plant life.  And Californians are extremely serious about preserving all of this beauty.  They have some of the most progressive ‘Green’ initiatives in the country and are among the most innovative in their conservation efforts.  Which is equally impressive … and intimidating to me.

You can imagine that a contemporary family of nine has a hard time conserving anything.  I use the term ‘contemporary’ because sometimes the perception of people with more-than-the-average amount of children conjures up images of prairie life and one-with-nature ways.  (You can picture someone right now, I bet).  But that’s not how we live.  We epitomized the word ‘excess,’ that is, until we moved to California.  For our first three years here, I cringed when I saw a San Jose Water Company truck.  We spent an entire month one summer practically flooding our street unknowingly.   One of the stations on our sprinkler system was set to run for 4 hours, instead of 4 minutes, in the middle of the night.  So every morning I woke up to water streaming down the street, and a very soggy lawn.  It wasn’t until a neighbor wrote a note about his displeasure with our wasteful ways, and the San Jose Water Company came to analyze why our bill was four times what it should be.  So I decided I was tired of feeling guilty and began to look for ways that I could ‘green’ up our household.  I purchased the grocery store re-usable bags, only to leave them in the back of the car every time I shopped.

And then I found them…  nylon bags in bright colors and designs that come in a pack of 5.  You know how I love accessories, so I bought them in every color.  I even started giving them away as gifts.  They are thin and can fold down to the size of my finger, solving the leave-them-in-the-car dilemma.

These bags have opened up a whole new world to us.  Last Sunday, Mike and I attended our first-ever Farmer’s Market.  We strolled through the various vendors and filled our nylon bags with the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available year-round here.  And I felt just the tiniest sense of pride in joining the diligent conservation efforts of the people here in California.  I no longer scoff at their seriousness about the environment; I figure it’s what God meant when He talked to Adam about taking care of the land in the Garden of Eden.  He took time to create the different foliage all around us, so the least I can do is appreciate it and work to keep it beautiful.

How about you?  Are there any changes or improvements you’re considering making to help with the Green iniative?



  1. Tara Harris says:

    Kim, Gosh, your life seems divine! I soooo badly want to come visit yall out there! I absolutely LOVE California. I went to Balboa Island 2 years in a row during spring break with my dear friend and always said that I would one day have a “summer” house there! It’s just gorgeous! We REALLY REALLY need to come up with a good time to visit yall! Maybe after our next baby is born!?!?! And where can I find those cute grocery bags? I want some!!!! Let me know! Okay, so glad that I can follow this blog. And by the way, I love the headshot of you! Very beautiful! Okay, I am leaving to go take Kate to see a movie. Wish me luck…not so sure how this will go!!! lol

  2. love your new blog, love your words, love you and love Him…keep it up, girl!

  3. Anita Efron says:

    How perfect for you to have a BLOG! Now I don’t have to wait until Christmas to catch up on what is happening with your family and you.
    I have always told you that you have a great style of writing. Who knew you had great taste in shopping bags, too! Love your blog! Love you!

  4. june7 says:

    I know this is a trivial question, but…. where do you buy those bags? I’ve been looking for sturdy nylon reusable bags. Thank you!

  5. Kim says:

    You can find some at http://www.givesimple.com. Enjoy!

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